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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cards for Friday's (Sept. 13) workshop

Shhh.....I have been "Scrap-lifting". Everyone does it ! Don't worry I won't get in trouble, we will still be having a workshop Friday !
What is "Scrap-lifting"? It's when you see such a wonderful design you have to copy it!!! There are so many beautiful cards with the Laughing Lola paper pack on Pinterest, so I decided to copy a few of them. Of course I had to add my own personal twist to each card. It's ok to "Scrap-lift" as long as you give credit to the designer.

So here are the cards I "Scrap-lifted". We will make these cards Friday:

 The top card was created by Gina Brandsteter
 The Thank you card was designed by Laura Ryan
 And the last card was designed by Sarah Stone

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